Children are the future of our nation. And it is our collective responsibility to give each of them an equitable opportunity to fully grow into healthy and happy adults.

To sign up as an Annapoorna volunteer, the only qualification you need is a desire to be of help – the rest we will help you with. You can choose to be regular volunteer who serves breakfast to children at one of our schools (of your choice) or be a part-timer who volunteers when time permits. If taking time off for serving breakfast poses a challenge, then you can volunteer with some of support functions such as IT, marketing and logistics.

You can also become a Breakfast Entrepreneur and refer schools you think will benefit from our breakfast and other allied programmes, and run the programme thereafter. If you have the will, we have the craft and together, we can definitely make a difference.

Drop by or give us a call at +91 9845351249 and let us know how you can help. Thank you for taking the time to consider these exciting opportunities. Your help is greatly appreciated, and, like many current volunteers, we can assure you that you will find the volunteer experience to be a rewarding one.


Our corporate partners are vital to our programme and in a country such as ours, it is the socially responsible corporates who can bring in the much-needed momentum to grow this nutrition movement.


You can adopt a project of your choice from any of our service initiatives in the breakfast, education, water & sanitation and healthcare verticals or tell us about an area of your choice where you think Annapoorna can help. We will provide all the non-financial inputs and help with the execution and running of the programme.


You can select a day when employees from your organisation can come and spend time, interacting with the children at our centres and we will organise the entire day’s schedule for you. Employees can also help with specific areas of interest that aligns with our working model.


As corporates, you can use your brand’s presence to help create awareness and support for our work. The more people hear about our work, the more we can expand our work. A good word from you about us to your clients, partners, suppliers and associates will go a long way to help us realise our vision of ensuring no child goes to school hungry ever!