Don’t miss out on this wonderful account on Annapoorna’s Palwal chapter, by Ms. Shipra Chadha, who joined Annapoorna as a volunteer just a couple of days back. She took a look at Annapoorna’s efforts at various schools in Palwal in Haryana. Thanks ma’am for your heartfelt wishes and for your love for the children!

Some of you might remember that we run a breakfast program for Underprivileged kids in Noida …. Yesterday I went with the Annapoorna team to check out their model of operation in Palwal villages…. I visited almost 8 schools…. Annapoorna Breakfast Seva serves 1 lac 20 thousand children everyday with breakfast….. Their motto is that ” No child should ever go hungry to school “. They are serving in almost 1500 schools across India, mostly down south and now in Sri Lanka and one or two other countries as well…The schools I visited we’re in such rural areas that these kids did not have access to good drinking water, their uniforms were torn and they did not have enough copy and pencils too. Annapoorna is trying to uplift them from nutrition perspective. Annapoorna serves 11 schools in Palwal, reaching out to 1600 kids….. The kids health has improved drastically, they don’t want to miss school for breakfast is a great incentive…. Their energy levels and overall performance is improving….. I had tears in my eyes looking at their economic condition yet their enthusiasm was mind blowing…. Anytime you wish to get associated with Annapoorna…. Please do…. You can support them with money, resources , your time…. Any possible way?
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