What’s cooking in Telangana today?

Today’s breakfast was a healthy portion of Bisibelabath, made with fresh vegetables, rice and lentils and lots of love!
The weekly menu is planned keeping in mind the calorie requirements of growing children as well as their little palates.
Here is what the children are served throughout the week.
Monday – Avalaki (Beaten Rice)
Tuesday – Bisibelabath
Wednesday – Tomato Bath (Tomato Rice)
Thursday – Vegetable Bath (Vegetable Rice)
Friday – Upma
Saturday – Chitranna (Lemon Rice)
We served more than 1000 children across three centres in Nizamabad District in the state.
Manoharabad – 180 children
Yellareddypalli – 540 children
Maapalle (Narsingpalle) – 400 children


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