Basic Profile

Name, DOB, Gender, Address, Phone Numbers, Individual/Company

Statutory Profile

PAN and Aadhaar, Numbers for resident Indians. For overseas citizens, passport details are mandatory.

Login Profile

User Id, Password, Captcha


Photo, PAN/Aadhaar/ Passport Proof

Additional Information

One-time / Part-time/Full Time volunteering

Referred by

Existing volunteer of Annapoorna/ Events/ Website /etc. (If it is referred by an existing volunteer of Annapoorna, member name/details will be captured too)

Employment Details

If the volunteer is employed.

Volunteer Enrollment

All volunteer information must be verified and approved. We call this process as “Know Your Volunteer”. Once the volunteer information is entered, an automatic mail is sent to the volunteer, the reviewer and the approver. In case of manual process, the Reviewer and Approver get the hard copy of the details related to the volunteer. The Reviewer provides the comments/ makes observations about the volunteer and it is then passed on to the Approver. The Approver then decides to approve or reject the volunteer. The volunteer is active only after the approval is successful.Upon approval Volunteer ID is generated for the volunteer. This volunteer ID will be unique to identify the volunteer.In addition, every volunteer would be given a physical Volunteer ID Card. The card will capture their photo, location and contact number.

Visit the school as instructed by the Trust