Training and Induction


Purpose of the process

The purpose of this process is to provide appropriate training and orientation for people on their roles. The training is focussed towards volunteers and school staff.

Training Plan

A training plan will be maintained to facilitate the training process (Refer training plan template). The training plan will capture the list of trainings, trainers, trainee, venue, date and time of the training.

Training Methodology

During the current phase, the methodology of training would be a one-on-one mentoring/on-the-job training for the respective roles either by Cluster Leads or co-volunteers.

❖ The Leads will explain the defined roles and responsibilities of the volunteers and cooks to them (refer roles and responsibilities as stated in volunteer management).
❖ There will be structured training using training manuals .
❖ The Leads will monitor the progress in the volunteers’ activities.
❖ Feedback must then be provided to the volunteers.

Training Feedback

A formal training feedback will be collected in the current phase of process implementation. Any oral feedback provided by the volunteers and school staff will also be captured in the remarks column of the training plan.

Record Maintenance

For this purpose, a training plan will be maintained.