School Engagement


Schools are crucial interface between the Trust and its primary beneficiaries, the children. It is therefore of utmost importance for the Trust to identify the right schools that have students who stand to benefit the most from its many service offerings. The selection of schools is also important from a quality standpoint considering that Annapoorna Breakfast Programme requires an active engagement of the school staff and authorities in the implementation of the breakfast programme.


Schools are identified primarily through references given by Annapoorna volunteers, donors, other NGOs and in some cases through a direct request by the said school’s management.

The Donor Application System captures following details:

Once the school is identified, the school information is shared with the volunteer(s) in that school area by the Trustees/ Management team.

The volunteer will then visit the school. While visiting the school, the volunteer will present the School Enrolment Information kit. The kit comprises the following

Following details will be captured during this exercise (Refer School Enrolment Kit)

Demographic Profile:

School Name, School Address, Contact person, Principal, Correspondent, Board Affiliation

Students’ Profile:

List of Student Names, Class, DOBs, Gender, Aadhaar Number (if available), Health Screening Information – Height, Weight, Blood Group

Expected Date of Commencement:

Letter from the School requesting the Breakfast programme:

The letter will also capture the number of student who may need the breakfast services (Refer: School requisition template)


Of the school infrastructure/premises


I hereby agree upon the terms and conditions stated above

The information must be keyed into the application system (once it is developed). Until then the information will be maintained as hardcopy records and updated in an excel spreadsheet.

Note: The letter from the school requesting the breakfast programme (indicating the number of student) will be obtained every year at the beginning of the academic year.


The details of the school provided by the volunteer(s) then goes through a review process by the Management team. The Management will decide to approve or reject the school based on the collected information. If a school is rejected, the appropriate reasons for rejection are marked in the report (later in the system). If the school is approved, then commencement date of breakfast services will be provided.

The following points will be considered before approving:

It is of utmost importance to inspect the kitchen facility. If not clean or unsuitable or if the school is not ready to demonstrate its intention to maintain a clean kitchen, the kitchen facilities of the school must not be used. In such cases, only packed foods will be provided for breakfast.


Once the school in approved for the breakfast programme, following activities must commence:


Every day the school breakfast register (Refer School Breakfast register) must capture the food served, quantity, time, volunteer’s signature, school representative’s signature. This data is shared through the app every day before 10:00 AM.

Every month, this register must be signed off by the Cluster Lead.


The following records will be maintained:

  1. School Registration Form
  2. Student Details
  3. Cook Details
  4. Volunteer Details
  5. Grocery Supplied Records
  6. Terms and Conditions
  7. School Breakfast Register