Menzies Aviation is one of the world’s leading Ground Services and Cargo Handling providers. Currently, Menzies Aviation operates at over 200 airports in 37 countries across six regions.

They are committed to continually evolving and ensuring they operate and grow their business responsibly and sustainably.


They thrive on making a positive difference in a changing world for the people, communities, and the planet.

They consist of an umbrella of CSR activities focused on broad themes like providing shelter for the aged and underprivileged, promotion of healthcare, sanitation & safe drinking water, education, rural development projects, promotion of gender equality, etc., designed to improve overall socio-economic indicators of Company’s area of operation.

Menzies Aviation sponsored Annapoorna Trust Organization’s in providing morning breakfast to about 10 schools in the Devanahalli district. The program was designed to eradicate hunger and ensure the good health of school-going children.