KCP which started as a small cooperative sugar plant in 1941 by its founder Sri. V. Ramakrishna, has over the years expanded rapidly, enthused by the leadership of its founder and inspired on the lines of technological foresight into other areas like Heavy Engineering, Cement, Power and Hospitality.


KCP ‘s focus has always been towards contributing to the nation’s lifelong infrastructure and their projects stands as a testimony to the quality of KCP Cement. 

At KCP, they believe that sustainability is not just a companywide culture, but it’s their way of life. The company has always been committed, conscious and responsible to the society and their deep-rooted commitment to social values have always focused on the environment and in building a community. For decades, the company’s healthcare, infrastructural, environmental, social, cultural and educational initiatives have been touching the lives of all communities positively. 


KCP’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts have traditionally focused on creating innovative new solutions and reworking the existing CSR framework for inclusive growth while not losing sight of their core values, ethics and practices. The current direction of their CSR activity has been geared towards sustainability and alignment to their business objectives.

KCP believes that they have an active role to play in the sustainable empowerment of communities in the areas of Education, Healthcare & Infrastructure.


KCP Cement has partnered with Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust and together are working towards building the nation through nutrition. KCP is supporting by sponsoring morning nutrition to children in the state of Tamil Nadu. As the relationship grows, we intend on ensuring that the nutrition requirements of children are taken care of, leading to lifelong benefits.