Kusum Kunchaparty

Kusum Kunchaparty (Scientist in Defence Research Lab)
Annapoorna Breakfast Programme Volunteer at  CV Raman Nagar  Breakfast center and a cluster of schools in Chickaballapura taluk.

Prior to Annapoorna Breakfast Programme, any given day was no different from the other.  A typical day would begin and end with the usual office work, mundane chores, trivial worries and the occasional arguments. The highlights in any week were probably a prayer, movie or a get together with friends.  Not to say that I was unhappy, no, I was just ‘existing’ without any particular goal.

With this service programme entering my life – things have changed a lot. Now I wake up in the morning knowing that I have certain tasks, assignments to complete. ‘Jobs’ for which I don’t get paid in money but rather I get paid in smiles on tiny faces.With my whole family getting drawn into this, we have discovered a new glue holding us all together. The bonus reward with Annapoorna, was this readymade ‘family’ that came as a package deal along with it.  A wonderful divine family with brothers and sisters from all walks of life, joined together with only one aim in their hearts “Let no child go to school hungry ever!.