Corporate Partner JMI

JM Frictech India Pvt Ltd (JMI), Established in 2008 is involved in Design, Develop, Test and Manufacture of Wet Brake & Wet Clutch System with its actuation parts (both Mechanical & Hydraulic Brake Parts).  JMI is the most preferred supplier to all Tractor OEM’s (original equipment manufacturer) in India. JMI exports to various OEM’s in South America, China and other parts of the world.

As per the journal, in rural India, 61% of the population defecate in the open. Toilet use is essential to the survival and development of all children in India and around the world, as exposure to human waste causes diseases such as diarrhoea.

Every day, almost 400 children under five in India die from diarrhoea linked to poor sanitation and hygiene. India has the highest number of diarrhoea related deaths among children under five worldwide. Diarrhoea and other sanitation related diseases can prevent children from being able to absorb the nutrients in their food, leading to undernutrition.

Open defecation has also been linked to stunting. In India, almost 38% of all children under five are stunted, meaning their physical and cognitive development is reduced, often resulting in poor educational outcomes. The repercussions of stunting can be felt beyond the individual child and can impact entire communities and generations in terms of economic and social development. Stunted bodies, stunted brains, and stunted lives.
Considering the importance of Toilets even Government has initiated Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Under the scheme, the PM urged the common people to add to the campaign with the help of proper toilets and eliminating the menace of defecation in open areas.

In collaboration with Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust, JMI has taken an initiative towards a noble cause of Toilet construction. As per this initiative 2 toilets and 10 urinals for both boys and Girls were constructed in National Primary school at Vikramasingapuram, Papanasam, Tamil Nadu.

JMI has also extended support towards waste water disposal sockpit , rainwater sockpit , electrical & Plumbing works, Art and Painting works for these Toilets.

It has been a great initiative and has directly benefited students by manyfold.