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Our Logo

Our logo serves as a constant inspiration and reminder, helping us keep our heads, hearts and hands always ready to serve the society.

The Eye

located at the centre of the logo, represents the Annapoorna Devi, who is the Giver of Food for all.

The Sunrays 


which emanate from the eye, represent the morning and the first and the most important meal of the day, the breakfast.

The Caring Hands

represents the love which is felt, shared and expressed in our work, both by the volunteers and the children. It is also symbolic of the unseen hand of the Universe, which has blessed, supported and literally carried our endeavour throughout.


Akashat Vayuhu, Vayur Agnihi, Agnir Apaha, Adyah Pruthivi, Pruthivya Oshadhayaha, Oshadhayo Annam, Annaath Purushaha


Meaning, from the space came air, so space is the first manifestation of God. From air came fire, which is the second manifestation. And then came water, the fourth manifestation. From water, the earth manifested and from it, the vegetation, which is the sixth manifestation. From vegetation came food, which is the seventh manifestation. Annaath Purushaha, the words in our logo, symbolises the eighth manifestation, that is life, jeevi, the unifying force binding all of us, the one serving as well as the served.